Find out how to make the most of the Middle Eastern 'event camp' 2014 at GIBTM in Abu Dhabi. This introduction shares some of the history of previous event camps.
In 2012 Event Camp Down Under was held and it was an event that had sustainability as a key driver as a success measure. Discover what happened and learn from some of the techniques that the planners used to make it a certifiable success.
Shawna McKinley will be examining how hybrid events and sustainability go hand in hand together and what new developments are around the corner. Is a hybrid event really sustainable? We will have a look and find out.
Past President of the Global Speakers Federation, Alan Stevens will present his views on what skills a virtual speaker is required to have and how to make the most of your remote speaker.
The call for venues to have free wi fi in many parts of the world is well known to most event planners. But is free wi fi enough and will it do the job needed?
How do you market a hybrid event? Are there different techniques that can be used or should the marketing be the same for all events?
Recap on what happened on Day One of event camp and an introduction and warm welcome to Day 2. Plus of course, how to make the most out of your experience of ‘event camp’.
This session is a ‘question and answer’ format with your questions posed to Alex who has taken a look into the future of events.
Tim also takes a look at a crystal ball and provides his views on what hybrid events will look like in just a few short years from now. He will also provide his insights into how the events world has been developing over the last few years and how that is influencing the future.
Graham is an internet psychologist and is a specialist in social media techniques and channels. In his session he will look at whether the channels you are using are the right ones to build your community of raving fans.
Brandt takes us on a quick fire tour of what new technology can aid or hinder your event. Just because it is shiny and has a silver bell will that make it useful at your event?
Ian is known for his ability to engage through content campaigns and here he will show the tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of your time spent engaging the people that matter the most to you.

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